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北海道札幌市出身。専門学校時代にジュリアナ東京とThe Prodigy、そしてKen IshiiとFumiya Tanaka等に触発され、音楽制作をスタートさせる。Takaaki Itoh氏のレーベル「Wols」に送ったデモがきっかけとなり、ドイツのSheepのコンピレーションに参加。そしてUKのDamon ValleroのレーベルElectracomより”Components III ep(V.A)”、UKのPure Plasticの内部レーベルManukeから”Phantasmagoria”をリリース。また、iTunes Store Electronicアルバムチャート1位になった「V.A / Perfect Strangers "Hard Techno"」にも楽曲を提供 。近年にはクリックとプログレッシヴハウスのプロジェクト「Velarda」を始動。秋には自身レーベル「Dispired Recordings」を立ち上げメインレーベルIndustrialsとサブレーベルProgressiveの裏表のダンススタイルを持つレーベルに発展させる。自身作を含め、Takeshi El ninoとの共作EP、オランダのMarco RaneとのコラボEP、ManukeでリリースしたPeter GualのEP、最新のリミックスEPをリリースし、Kuniaki Takenaga独自のインダストリアル/エクスペリメンタルスタイルを築き上げる。また今年の春にUKのベテランDJ Gayle Sanのリミックスを手掛けた12インチをリリースするなど活躍の場を拡大中!


English(Elektrax Recordingsから抜粋)

Techno, Electro, Industrial DJ & producer born in Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan (1977). Kuniaki Takenaga’s music career began in 1997 influenced by The Prodigy, Ken Ishii, Fumiya Tanaka and the djs’ at the famous Juliana’s Tokyo club.

Takenaga sent his first demo to Takaaki Itoh’s WOLS label from which 2 tracks ended up being included in a 2003 compilation put out by Sheep Records (Germany) SH032-Various-East-Meets-West. In 2004, 2 tracks were included in SH038-Various-World-Herding-Championships-Part-1 and 2005 in SH040-Various-World-Herding-Championships-Part-2.

He has also released on UK’s Damon Vallero’s, Electracom label ECOM21-various- Components III EP (Oct 2004). A year later, in 2005, his own 4 tracks vinyl entitled Phantasmagoria (12”) MK010 was released on UK’s Manuke [Pure Plastic] label. One of the reviews by Boston DJ Paul Dailey had this to say:
“Four dark, evil, rocking tracks from newcomer Kuniaki Takenaga and the Manuke crew. The two standout cuts here are “Phantasmgoria Noel”, a menacing hard rocker with ferocious rhythms and ominous synths, and “Meltybladdia” an ass-shaking, body-rocking techno mover. Strictly for the forward thinking and headstrong amongst you; this is some sinister stuff.”

In 2006, his track Phalunx was included on Asian Dynasty’s release [AD-Digital001]- Various Artists ? Perfect Strangers “Hard Techno”.

Kuniaki has founded his own label Dispired Recordings in 2008 and the rest is history.Takeshi el ni?o The work by the solo of collaboration EP of o and Marco Rane and Peter Gual has been released. Remix EP is being produced with Dispired Industrials now.

Remix EP of Gayle San and two works of the compilation are scheduled to be released from Elektrax in 2010 this year. It is an artist who cannot take his/her eyes off to the development in the future.

Next year release."Phantasmagoria" is released from internal label Manuke of Pure Plastic of U.K for one year from the release of Electracom and in October, 2005. Afterwards, "Granphantasm Red" of the sequel is released from "Granphantasm Blue" and Offaudio by the net label "Antiritmo" of Spain at the beginning of 2008. The track said "Phalunx" to other AsianDynasty is offered.
(V/A - Collect to Perfect Strangers "Hard Techno". )

Another name "Velarda" of the project of the click/minimal and Progressive House is started up in the spring of 2008, it participates in everyone's song project of notorious Mr. artist friend warehouse, and the arrangement version of "Dream is put" is offered. The first of the Velarda name has expanded the place of the activity little by little not only the net but also inside and outside the country in the summer of this year as release is scheduled in Offaudio.

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